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weberepox easy

weberepox easy
weberepox easy


Product Benefits

● For grouting tiles where chemical resistance and/or complete impermeability are required: hospitals, laboratories, laundries, kitchens, dairies, abattoirs, breweries, distilleries, refrigerated rooms, toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, car wash bays etc.

● For fixing tiles where very high bond strength, toughness and flexibility are required

A two-part, chemical resistant epoxy adhesive and grout for interior and exterior use available in a range of colours

Product Features

About this Product

weberepox easy is a two-part, epoxy resin adhesive and grout for interior and exterior use and is available in a range of colours.

Grouts ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and quarry tiles etc, on walls and floors.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured under BSI Quality Assurance Scheme ISO 9001
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Impermeable to liquids and easy to sterilise, clean and maintain
  • Flexible
  • High bond strength
  • Long working time
  • Easy to use formulation
  • Available colours: Pure White, White, Cream, Pearl Grey, Cement Grey, Steel Grey, Chocolate and Black

Technical Services

Weber's Customer Services Department has a team of experienced advisors available to provide on-site advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be provided for specific projects or more general works. Site visits and on-site demonstrations can be arranged on request.

Technical helpline
Tel: (01525) 722110
Fax: 08000 142995


Send or download the documents

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Preparation & Application


For fixing

All surfaces must be rigid, dry, clean and sound. Wire-brush the surface and then wash down with water and allow to dry. Any voids or defects must be repaired beforehand and allowed to fully set.

For grouting

The tile adhesive must be fully dry/cured. For swimming pools leave at least 3 days before grouting. Joints must be clean and dry. Ensure that no loose debris, cement or adhesive residue remains.


Some unglazed, or textured/matt glazed tiles are prone to surface staining. If in doubt, test on a spare tile first. Epoxy resins are very difficult to remove once cured. It is essential that any excess product is removed before it hardens. Epoxy resin can tend to yellow slightly in high UV light conditions or at high temperature.


Add all of the hardener component (in the lid) to the resin component (in the base). Thoroughly mix the two components together until a uniform colour and consistency is achieved. Mixing with a slow speed (100 rpm) mechanical mixer is recommended. Do not part mix and do not add water.


Do not use where the temperature is below, or likely to fall below, 10°C during application and curing.


Apply the adhesive onto the substrate using a suitable notched trowel, covering up to 1m2 at a time (or no more than can be tiled within 20 - 30 minutes. Bed the tiles firmly into the adhesive using a twisting/sliding action. It is good practice to occasionally remove a tile to ensure that a solid bed of adhesive is being achieved. Leave for a least 24 hours before grouting. Longer may be required at lower temperatures.


Work the grout into the joints with a hard rubber float. Only grout a small area at a time and ensure that the joints are firmly filled and free of voids.

Wipe off any excess grout immediately with the float, working diagonally to prevent dragging grout from the joints. Particular care is required if the joints are wide.

Use a damp emulsifying pad to clean the face of the tiles and emulsify the grout surface before the grout starts to set. Wipe clean with a damp sponge. Failure to correctly finish the grout will give a rough surface, which will be difficult to clean.

Allow to cure for approx. 24 hours before use. Allow 7 days for full chemical resistance.

Allowance for movement

Flexible joints should be incorporated to allow for slight movements due to changes in temperature, humidity etc. as indicated by BS5385:

a) where the tiling meets other materials (e.g. floor perimeters)

b) along all internal corners - vertically and horizontally

c) over existing movement joints or changes in background material

d) dividing large tiled areas into bays (every 3 - 4.5 m on walls, 8 - 10 m on floors)

Packaging, Health & Safety

Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life is at least 24 months when it is kept unopened and stored between 5°C and 25°C.


weberepox easy is supplied in 2.5kg and 5kg plastic buckets.



Approx. 1.7 kg/m² for every 1 mm of bed thickness.


Approx. 0.2 to 1.0 kg/m² depending on tile and joint sizes.


Tile size (mm) (l x w x d)Joint width (mm)Coverage (kg/m2)
 25 x 25 x 421.02
100 x 100 x 620.38
200 x 200 x 620.19
300 x 300 x 820.17
300 x 300 x 850.43
300 x 300 x 1250.64