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Technical Advice

Occasionally Weber issue technical advice notes to support our customers. Click on the link below to open the pdf document. If you need further advice please contact our Weber on 08703 330070 or email: technical(at)






Tile Fixing to anhydrite screeds

Anhydrite (calcium sulphate) screeds are based on gypsum as a binder, and need to be treated slightly differently than ordinary sand/cement screeds. They are not resistant to significant exposure to water and there is a potential reaction at the gypsum/cement interface, which can cause destructive expansion. Adequate priming is therefore required and is also advised, as a precaution, if the type of screed is not known.

For the full .pdf version click here

Tiling swimming pools

Before commencing tiling, the pool should be tested to ensure that it is watertight, and any necessary repairs should be carried out using the appropriate methods. On no account should the tiling be viewed as a method of waterproofing the pool. If the concrete shell has a smooth finish, tiling may be applied directly to it, otherwise it should be rendered and screeded. The surface to be tiled must be clean, smooth, dust free and free from imperfections.

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