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Weber Saint-Gobain - Official website of the company

Zanzibar Club, Ireland

TileStyle was asked by the club owner, Liam O'Dwyer, to create a distinctive floor scheme in keeping with the club's overall eastern theme. After much discussion and research, the floor was given a Moorish influence, and plans were finalised following a visit to Seville in Spain.

Weber's extensive tiling portfolio is now listed within NBS plus.

The choice of PDF Italian marble floor tiles, in conjunction with glass and marble mosaics, blended seamlessly with the existing eastern decor. The marble tiles were secured with a range of adhesives and grouts from the tiling product portfolio of Weber.

The floor of the club will be subject to heavy pedestrian traffic over a sustained period. In this respect, the choice of appropriate floor tiles, and correct fixing materials and application, was an essential factor in complying with the Class 5 Ceramic Floor Tile Classification as set out by The Tile Association. The adhesives and grouts specified by Weber for the scheme ensured a professional application was achieved which met the criteria set out in this classification.