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Short Programme Floor & Tiling

A floor screed was required to level the floor and be sufficiently strong after 1 day to allow the following trades to begin the shop fit. The mortar was also required to be 'rapid' drying to allow the fixing of tiles within 28 days of laying.

Weber's extensive tiling portfolio is now listed within NBS plus.

The floor levels were built up using 35 mm of HDN polystyrene foam. A polypropylene mesh was then fixed to the surface of the polystyrene to reinforce the mortar. weberniv fluid was selected as this product is rapid drying, and can be laid to a thickness of 100 mm in one layer.

The floor was surveyed by Progressive and revealed a nominal thickness of 60 mm, with areas up to 100 mm to be applied.The mixing station was located in a ground floor unit and a hole was cored through the slab to allow product to be pumped to the floor area. A continuous mixer pump unit was used and the mixed mortar was pumped 9 metres vertically and 60 metres horizontally to the application area. weberniv fluid was pumped and levelled to the correct height using tripod indicators and a tamping bar.The working time of the material was in excess of 45 minutes allowing the correct build up to be achieved without the material gelling or stiffening.

Approximately 3 hours after placement the new floor had set and the weberniv fluid was sufficiently strong to allow the shop fit to progress the following day. The product was applied by Progressive Ltd an approved Weber specialist applicator. (Link below)

Upon completion Stoneset flexible sp adhesive and grout was used to fix the tiles in the restaurant area and weberjoint epoxy tile adhesive and grout was used to fix the tiles in the kitchen area.