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Tile Fixing Products

Easy-to-use, high performance tile adhesives and grouts for the professional tile fixer

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Prep (Preparation Products)

Prep (Preparation Products) (4)

Preparation products such as levelling compounds, primers and an under-tile tanking system

Fix (Ready Mix Tile Adhesives)

Fix (Ready Mix Tile Adhesives) (4)

Ready-mixed ceramic wall tile adhesives for all situations

Set (Cement Based Tile Adhesives)

Set (Cement Based Tile Adhesives) (8)

Cement-based tile adhesives for floor and wall tiles offering a choice of setting times and levels of flexibility

Joint (Tile Grouts)

Joint (Tile Grouts) (6)

Product range includes mould-resistant tile grouts and silicone sealant in a wide choice of colours

Key Products

weberfix plus

weberfix plus

A high-performance, ready-mixed ceramic wall tile adhesive for interior use, particularly with heavier or larger tiles

weberset rapid SPF

weberset rapid SPF

A rapid-setting, flexible, low-dust, cement-based floor and wall tile adhesive, available in light grey or white for interior and exterior use.

weberjoint pro

weberjoint pro

A water-repellent, mould-resistant, flexible tile grout for interior and exterior use

weberfloor flex

weberfloor flex

High-performance, fibre-modified, self-smoothing, self-levelling renovation screed (up to 50 mm)

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