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webertec aquapel crème

webertec aquapel crème
webertec aquapel crème


Product Benefits

  • Porous concrete
  • Buildings and structures in exposed locations
  • Protection of bridges and other structures from salt spray

High-performance, silane-based water repellent



Product Features

About this Product

webertec aquapel crème is an aqueous, water-based creamy, silane based water repellent. webertec aquapel crème is designed to penetrate deeply into the concrete so as to afford optimum protection against absorption of water and pollutants as well as freeze/thaw cycles.

Features and Benefits

  • One-coat application
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or non-atomising spray
  • Minimal effect to surface appearance
  • Protects against ingress of waterborne ions (chlorides and sulphates)
  • Improves freeze/thaw resistance of treated surfaces
  • Reduces susceptibility to corrosion of reinforcement
  • Allows treated surface to breathe
  • Enhanced durability
  • Provides good adhesion for paints

Technical data

Complies with BS EN1504-2. DoP available on request

Technical Services

Weber's Customer Services Department has a team of experienced advisors available to provide on-site advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be provided for specific projects or more general works. Site visits and on-site demonstrations can be arranged on request.

Technical helpline
Tel: (08703) 330070

Sales Contact

Weber products are distributed throughout the UK through selected stockists and distributors. For UK sales enquiries and overseas projects, contact Weber's Sales office.

Sales office
Tel: (08703) 330070


Send or download the documents

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Preparation & Application


Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry, free from oil or other contamination before the treatment is applied. New concrete should be at least 28 days old before application and all traces of laitance, shutter release or curing membrane should be removed and the surface allowed to dry out thoroughly.

Old weathered surfaces should be wire brushed to remove lichen, algae, dust and any loose or flaky material. For large areas,water jetting or grit blasting may be more effective. After applying water, allow at least 3 days of dry, warm weather (minimum15°C) and make good all cracks and spalled surfaces before applying the material.

Apply in dry weather only.


webertec aquapel crème is best applied to the substrate by lambskin rollers or spatulas.For large areas airless spay machines may be used. Once applied the material will form a thick layer on the surface which will be absorbed into the surface.

One coat is normally sufficient, In the event of unexpected rain, cover surfaces already treated and halt any further application until the surface to be treated is dry.

Avoid direct contact with asphalt based substrates and coatings.


Clean all brushes and tools with water immediately after use.

Packaging, Health & Safety


webertec aquapel crème is supplied in 10litre buckets.


Approximately 2.25 m2 per litre.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place above 5°C.

Shelf life of unopened container in correct storage conditions is at least 12 months.

Health and Safety

Wear protective gloves/clothing/eye protection/face protection.  Avoid breathing fume/mist/vapour.

Contains reaction mass of:5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one[EC no. 247-500-7] and 2-methyl-2 Hisothiazol-3-one [EC no. 220-239-6] (3:1).  May product an allergic reaction.

After contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water.  In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention.