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Under-strength beams

The webertec force composite strengthening system can reinstate the structural integrity of reinforced concrete beams.


Reinforced concrete beams carry loads from buildings and structures to be transferred to walls and columns. Additional loads due to change of use, extra loads, under-designed beams or damage to the structural beam can cause cracking and excessive deflection. Overloaded beams need to be strengthened to prevent partial collapse or failure.

1. Flexural cracking

Additional loads to a structure can cause flexural cracking to appear as the structure deflects under loading. This leads to flexural cracks opening up in the tension face of reinforced concrete beams and floor slabs. Insufficient steel reinforcement is an issue. These cracks can also allow contaminants to enter the concrete cover zone and initiate reinforcement corrosion.

2. Shear cracking

Additional loads can result in shear cracks forming at restraints around columns and at the end of reinforced concrete beams. These cracks are structural and indicate insufficient shear reinforcement.


Install externally-bonded reinforcement using plate plate bondeing and sheet wrap techniques to strengthen the reinforced concrete beam and provide additional reinforcement stiffness.

Solution with the following Weber products

Solution 1

webertec force carbon plate

High-performance carbon fibre plate reinforcement for structural strengthening

webertec force carbon sheet

High-performance reinforcement carbon fibre sheet for structural strengthening

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