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Structural strengthening

Weber have a number of specific products such as carbon fibre plates and reinforcing meshes for use by specialist applicators to enhance load carrying capacity of concrete structures.


BS EN 1504-9:2006

BS EN 1504 Principle 4 is concerned with structural strengthening by increasing or restoring the structural load bearing capacity of an element of the concrete structure. It is essential when using this Principle that all stresses associated with a repair and the original or deteriorated structure are considered. Certain systems may impose additional stresses on the repaired structure, resulting in changes in the function of the original structure.


BS EN 1504-3, BS EN 1504-4 & BS EN 1504-5

BS EN 1504-3: Structural and non-structural repair

BS EN 1504-4: Structural bonding

BS EN 1504-5: Concrete injection


Methods of protection based upon the BS EN 1504 Principle 4 is the use of the following:

  • 4.1 Adding or replacing emedded or external reinforcing steel bars.
  • 4.2 Installing bonded rebars.
  • 4.3 Plate bonding.
  • 4.4 Adding mortar or concrete.
  • 4.5 Injecting cracks or voids.
  • 4.6 Filling cracks or voids.
  • 4.7 Prestressing.

Solution with the following Weber products

Solution 1

webertec force carbon plate

High-performance carbon fibre plate reinforcement for structural strengthening

webertec force aramid sheet

High-strength aramid reinforcement sheet for structural strengthening

webertec force carbon sheet

High-performance reinforcement carbon fibre sheet for structural strengthening

webertec anchor grout

Fast-set polyester resin compounds for anchoring and fixing

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