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Protection against ingress

A range of specialist products are available from Weber that can protect concrete from the ingress of water and chemicals.


BS EN 1504-9:2006

BS EN 1504 Principle 1 is protection against ingress by reducing or preventing the ingress of adverse agents, e.g water, other liquids, vapour, gas, chemicals and biological agents. Protection against ingress includes measures to reduce the porosity or permeability of the concrete surface by treatment using surface protection systems to BS EN 1504-2 or sealing cracks by injection or filling to BS EN 1504-5.


BS EN 1504-2: Surface protection systems for concrete

Methods of protection based upon the BS EN 1504 Principle 1 is the use of the following:

1.1 Surface impregnation.

1.2 Surface coating with and without crack bridging capability.

1.3 Locally bandaged cracks.

1.4 Transferring cracks into joints.

1.5 Erecting external panels.

1.6 Applying membranes.

Solution with the following Weber products

Solution 1

webertec mulsibond

Sealer for hairline cracks in concrete and treatment of hollow floor screeds

webercote EC

High performance elastomeric anticarbonation coating for external surfaces

webercote smooth

Protective and anti-carbonation coating

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