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Preserving or restoring passivity

The corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete can be minimised by replacing concrete cover with high quality repair mortars and concretes from Weber. Also available are materials for increasing effective cover such as a fairing mortar and anti carbonation coatings.


BS EN 1504-9:2006

BS EN 1504 Principle 7 is concerned with preserving or restoring the passivity of the concrete by creating chemical conditions in which the surface of the reinforcement is maintained in or is returned to a passive condition. Where the reinforcement is passive, an additional layer of mortar or concrete may be added over carbonated concrete to provide additional protection


BS EN 1504-3: Structural and non-structural repair

Methods of protection based upon the BS EN 1504 Principle 7 is the use of the following:

  • 7.1 Increasing concrete cover to reinforcement.
  • 7.2 Replacing contaminated or carbonated concrete.
  • 7.3 Electrochemical realkalisation of carbonated concrete.
  • 7.4 Re-alkalisation of carbonated concrete by diffusion.
  • 7.5 Electrochemical chloride extraction

Solution with the following Weber products

Solution 1

webercem pyratop

Rapid strength-gain repair concrete for thin bonded pavement repairs

webercem pyrapatch

Fast-setting repair concrete for pavement patch or full-depth repairs

webercem fairing coat

Preblended, single-component, polymer-modified cementitious levelling mortar.

webercem conspray

Economical, cement-based, dry-spray concrete

webercem spray RS

Rapid-setting, polymer-modified, dry-spray concrete

webercem HB30

Acrylic-polymer modified, highbuild façade repair mortar

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