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Installing stone setts, paving and block paviours

Rapid setting cement grouts and bedding mortars are a must to ensure fast and sure application. Weber have a wide range of specialist materials for the highways contractor to use to fulfil these requirements.


Busy pedestrianised shopping areas cause problems when reinstating or installinghard lanscaping materials due to long setting-times of conventional mortar and delays to opening up areas for use.

1. Stone setts, cobble setts

Slow setting times of conventional mortars delay the jobsite unnecessarily.

Traditional sand/cement site mix is unreliable and can crumble over time, resulting in loose, broken or missing setts.

2. Paving

Large or thick paving units can sink into a conventional sand/cement mix and cause uneven paving.

Breakup of unsuitable mortar can result in uneven paving, rocking of paving units and become a trip hazard for the public.

3. Block paviours and brick edging

Heavily trafficked areas can cause block paving and brick paving to sink or collapse due to insufficient bedding.

Brick edging can break out, causing holes to appear and become a hazard to pedestrians.


Use pre-bagged design mix special bedding mortars

Reinstate or install new paving with shrinkage-compensated, rapid-setting bedding mortars for permanent reinstatement.

Solution with the following Weber products

Solution 1

webercem pyrabed

Shrinkage-compensated, rapid setting bedding mortar for the reinstament of road iron work and highway furniture

webertec bedding mortar

Polyester-based mortar for bedding and fixing manhole frames, kerb stones, airport lighting bases, ducting, drains and highway fixtures

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