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Taney Bridge

The Taney Road junction on the south side of Dublin is one of the busiest intersections in the city. It is the passageway for traffic coming from the west side and traveling to the Port of Dun Laoghaire.

A 185m long cable stayed bridge was constructed by the segmental launch method to carry the new LUAS Light Rail Transit Line across the Taney Road Junction at Dundrum, Dublin. The design is an asymmetric single pylon bridge, having a mainspan of 108.5m, a backspan of 21.5m with two approach spans of 18m and 14m respectively. The pylon is approximately 50m high and supports the deck via a number of post tensioned cables.

Deck construction was carried out by erecting pre-cast concrete shell segments, with the 3.5m long and 13.1m wide trough units acting as a shutter, which were then filled with in-situ concrete forming the soffit. The segments were glued to each other using webertec EP Structural Adhesive.

Each section was match-cast off site. Stays were installed as the deck proceeded, thus eliminating the need for temporary supports interfering with the road below. Each of the 52 cable stays contain between 19 and 37 galvanised strands and are fixed by galvanised steel guides to the pylon and into a reinforced concrete anchor block on the backspan.