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Supporting the Eye

Reliable transfer of load from the structure to supporting foundations is a vital element of design in any Civil Engineering project and this is paramount where high static loads and the transport of the public are part of the equation.

Due to its long service record of reliability in use, Weber Five Star grout was chosen by the contractors McApline to carry out this crucial role.

Five Star grout has to perform in the confined space between the superstructure of the fabrication and the concrete foundations that support it. In this vital but restricted area is important that full contact with all bearing surfaces is achieved and that no shrinkage of the material during curing occurs enabling movement to occur. Five Star grout is usually poured or pumped as a flowing grout into such areas in such a manner as to ensure that no air voids are formed. On setting and curing the material is slightly expansive and has thermal movement characteristics similar to the supporting concrete. The exclusion of any metallic based elements from the formulation eliminates any possibility of subsequent problems such as dimensional instability, corrosion or staining.

The extensive range of Weber grouts include those specifically formulated for dynamic loading, while the complete range of Weber Construction Solutions covers a wide range of situations suitable for both Building and Civil Engineering projects.

Associated products

Five Star Grout

Five Star Grout

General-purpose, shrinkagecompensated, cementitious grout for dry packing, grouting, bolt fixing and bedding of machinery