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M62 Ashfield Bridge, Milnrow - J21

Strengthening was required to the concrete deck curved beams where flexural capacity of the bridge deck beams required increasing to bring it up to current European standards.

Access was restricted to weekend possessions of the slip road to junction 21 and lane closures along this busy east-west motorway corridor.

Approx 210 m of 100 mm and 120 mm webertec force carbon plate, grade 150 kN/mm2 and 200 kN/mm2 modulus, was applied by the specialist contractor working to the soffit of the deck beams. The carbon fibre plate was applied after preparing the surface by grit blasting. The carbon fibre plate was delivered to the specialist contractor in 12 metre and 13 metre cut lengths ready for installation.

Ultra high modulus carbon fibre sheet, webertec force carbon sheet C640, was then applied over the ends of the carbon fibre plate for end anchorage.

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webertec force carbon sheet

High-performance reinforcement carbon fibre sheet for structural strengthening