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Chertsey Lock, River Thames

In the refurbishment of Chertsey Lock, on the River Thames, Weber has supplied a significant quantity of high specification structural repair concrete.

Over 1500 25kg bags of webercem spray DS, a polymer-modified, dry-spray, cement-based concrete, were required to complete the project.

After removal of the concrete, resin injection works to 200 linear metres of cracked walls was carried out.

The freshly sprayed walls were dragged back with a feather edge rule to level the material and lightly sprayed with water after the initial set of around one hour, to provide a good surface for the final pass of 30-40mm of webercem spray DS. A further process of levelling was required before sealing the surface to the specified finish.

The formulation of webercem spray DS, which contains inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants, has been especially designed for dry process spray application to give high early strength in 2 - 3 hours, reduced rebound and maximum application thickness. It achieves a compressive strength of up to 56.3 MPa in 28 days, tested to BS EN 12390-3:2002 at 20OC, and a flexural strength of 9.8 MPa, tested to BS 1881-118:1983. webercem spray DS is highly resistant to shrinkage and chloride penetration.

webercem spray DS is used in repairing large areas of highway structures including bridge columns, piers, parapets, tunnels and viaducts; to marine structures including sea walls and docks; to fire damaged concrete structures as well as rock and embankment stabilisation, and the structural encasement of steel sections and pylons.