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Cathedral Plaza, Worcester

Donaldsons surveyors were called in to assess and report on the cause of the deterioration of the concrete at Cathedral Plaza car park and to determine the extent and method of repairs required.

The report suggested that the reinforcement had corroded due to low cover and carbonation resulting in the subsequent spalling of concrete.

The webercem concrete repair system was specified to affect repairs, this included webercem keycoat, webercem HB30, and webercem Fairing coat.

Once repaired webercote EC Anti-carbonation coating was applied to the concrete surfaces to provide a decorative finish and protection to prevent further corrosion.

Associated products

webercote EC

webercote EC

High performance elastomeric anticarbonation coating for external surfaces

webercem concrete repair system

webercem concrete repair system

BS EN 1504 compliant concrete patch repair system