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Bright Weatherproof Outlook For French Embassy

The recently completed refurbishment of the French Embassy in Knightsbridge, London has been successfully accomplished using a special anti-carbonation façade coating from Weber for the external finish. The specialist Heritage Division of Makers Industrial Ltd. Completed this prestigious project to the very high standards expected.

English Heritage had stipulated that the existing surface finish was to be removed and replaced by a material that would provide an exact match to the original surface. The initial work to remove the old coating proved unsuccessful. Substantial damage to the render substrate was occurring which could not be allowed, therefore a suitable overcoating material was needed. santane EFL possesses the ability to successfully bridge substrate cracks up to 2mm wide, has excellent anti-carbonation qualities and can be used to overcoat an existing façade finishing system. These major attributes fulfilled the very stringent needs of English Heritage as well as the French architect.

santane EFL has been continually developed throughout its thirty years life span, during which it can boast more that 100 million square metres of applications in Europe alone. It can be used as a finishing system for most facades substrates or in a combinations with concrete repair soloution supplied by Weber.

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