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Barnes Bridge Strengthened by En-Force

The first Carbon Fibre strengthening project for the Highways Agency has recently been completed to the Barnes Bridge on the M60 motorway at Cheadle in Cheshire. Weber Composite Strengthening System was chosen for this prestigious first major project for the Agency.

The Enforce system allowed the project to be completed in half the time due to relative ease of installation and reduction in application time compared to traditional techniques. It ensured a precise performance and, of course, a non-corrosive finish. This £2.25 million project included 5,500 metres of webertec force carbon plate in addition to the other products from the extensive Weber range of construction products. Application was carried out by RAM Services with Parkman Consulting Engineers acting as the client agent.

The project length was extremely critical as this busy bridge could not be out of action for a lengthy period. For this reason the entire bridge was encapsulated by the contractor Eric Wright Civil Engineer using a sheeted tent structure that enabled work to progress regardless of weather conditions.

Structural strengthening combined the uses of high-tech fibre laminates and sheets for manual application. Advanced composites posses a multiple use capability which includes flexural bending strengthening, shear reinforcement, embrace, explosion or impact resistance.

The Weber Enforce System consists of pultruded carbon fibre plate, carbon fibre embrace sheet, glass fibre sheet, Aramid fibre sheet, epoxy structural adhesive, primer and bonding adhesive. Combinations of these components are used for particular projects, the choice of which is dependant on the type of strengthening required and the technical criteria of the structure involved.

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webertec force carbon plate

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