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Inner city hotel set within the commercial area of Norwich. Accommodation set out over 6 storeys with 104 bedrooms.

Situated in the inner ring road of the city adjacent to the retail quarter this building had to fit in with the other large commercial buildings in the vicinity of the site. Externally the building is clad in webertherm XM, a lightweight, high performance external wall insulation system incorporating thin coat polymer render and mesh-cloth reinforcement. weberplast TF acrylic-based composite decorative finished was used. weberplast TF has an even textured finish and is available in a wide range of colours.

webertherm XM extends the life of existing buildings by keeping the old structure warm and stable, as well as facilitating the decoration of facades, in this example the terracotta panels mark the new pedestrian route below the building.

Associated products

weberplast TF

weberplast TF

Acrylic-based, composite, decorative finish

webertherm XM  - Multi Layer System

webertherm XM - Multi Layer System

Our traditional multi-layer render system which incorporates an extensive range of versatile and attractive finishes.