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Brown Field to Desirable Residence

At Kew Riverside, on the banks of the Thames, St James Homes have constructed a new community of apartments and houses set within a landscaped environment that combines the contemporary demands of domestic life with classical architectural traditions.

Key to this concept has been the use of Weber monocouche weberpral M, a one coat render to enhance the classical shape and forms in the terraces bays and features that create the characteristics of this environment.

This is evident from the gentle curve of the terraced housing where the render provides the backdrop and contrast for the projecting balconies and ground floor colonnade and the curved and rectangular bays and balconies that frame the entrances to the individual roads and mews'.

Monocouche is a versatile decorative material embodying high performance and low maintenance - qualities that are ideally suited to today's housing demands for fast tract and flexible architectural solutions.

Suited to both contemporary design as a colourful textured treatment for solid areas with over 36 standard colours and to traditional solutions particularly in the ability to cut 'ashlar' patterns deep within the surface plane, weberpral M has established itself as a serious part of the architect's vocabulary.

Associated products

weberpral M

weberpral M

One-coat, through-coloured, water resistant monocouche render