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Leca® LWA blocks can increase the number of blocks per lorry load by 100%, significantly reducing transport costs.

Lower block weight also means faster installation, improvements in site Health and Safety and reduced risk of injury.

Technical Partnerships

As part of Saint-Gobain Weber we believe in sharing our extensive resources to help our customers develop and form solutions to meet the demands of today’s construction industry.

Leca® LWA's grading consistency and quality reduces your cement usage, helps control wastage and contributes to high quality concrete masonry products.

Leca® LWA is used for the production of aggregate blocks from 650 to 2000 kg/m³ densities in paint grade and standard finishes to meet today’s building requirements.

Leca® LWA has a range of grades available to enable blockmakers to meet the 20kg lifting requirements in standard sizes and various finishes.

Maximum use of local quarried materials keeps costs down. Leca® LWA enables blockmakers to utilise their own or local aggregates to meet the requirements of 1400kg/m³ blocks, which creates cost flexibility.