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Other Uses

Leca® LWA can be used as a structural soil by increasing the Leca® LWA to soils mix for overspill car parking or grassed emergency vehicle access.

Other Uses

Over compacted soils can inhibit healthy root development.  Mixing Leca® LWA with soil will not only ensure over compaction does not take place, it will also assist with the balance of air and water to soil required to promote healthy vegetation on:

  • Lawns
  • Golf Courses
  • Sports Pitches
  • Tennis Courts
  • City Parks & Landscaping
Paradise Street Liverpool

Sports Field Drainage

Footbal fields with artificial turf can be used throughout the year providing all weather training facilities and because of better durability artificial grass can be used more frequently than natural grass fields.  In these instances Leca® LWA is used for both efficient drainage and frost insulation and can reduce excavations and minimise both transport and installation costs.

Astro Drainage (click to enlarge)

Case Study

Lotus Cars