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weberfloor 4955 dB mat

weberfloor 4955 dB mat
weberfloor 4955 dB mat

Product Benefits

  • Ready to be installed (screed proof)
  • Very thin (>3mm)
  • Easy to cut (with self adhesive overlapping edges)
  • Easy to handle – lightweight 12kg/roll

A thin mat for impact sound reduction on floors in new buildings and in renovation

Product Features

About this Product

Acoustic glass mat laminated with two protective polyethylene foils.

weberfloor 4955 dB mat is a thin mat for impact sound reduction on floors in new buildings and in renovation.

Features and benefits

  • Ready to be installed (screed proof)
  • Very thin (>3mm)
  • Easy to cut (with self adhesive overlapping edges)
  • Easy to handle – lightweight 12kg/roll
  • High, long-lasting performance
  • High, long-lasting pressure resistance
  • Heat resistant (compatible with heated floors)
  • Sustainable (made up of 60% recycled glass)
  • VOC emission under detection level
  • Fire resistant (suitable for timber frame construction)
  • Tubeless product (less waste on site)
  • Easy to transport 19000m2 / truck

Technical Data

Technical Services

Weber's Customer Services Department has a team of experienced advisors available to provide on-site advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be provided for specific projects or more general works. Site visits and on-site demonstrations can be arranged on request.

Technical helpline

Tel:- 08703 330 070


Sales Contact

Weber products are distributed throughout the UK through selected stockists and distributors.  Please contact the relevant Customer Services Team below for all product orders and enquiries.

UK and Ireland

Tel: 08703 330 070

Fax: 0800 014 2995



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Preparation & Application

Preparation & Application

The thin weberfloor 4955 dB mat is delivered in rolls. It is supplied with a selfadhesive function longitudinally along one side of the mat to achieve a fixed connection of rows lying next to each other. 

weberfloor 4955 should be rolled out in the longitudinal direction of the room. Before the second row is laid ensure that it is directly connected to the self-adhesive strip of the former row. Continue the application in the same manner to cover the entire floor.

Check that the overlapping areas are properly sealed. If they are not, seal these areas with joint adhesive tape weberfloor 4970. 

weberfloor 4960 soft strips should be applied to all vertical building structures and penetrating pipework. The joints between soft strip and sound insulation may also have to be taped with weberfloor 4970 or sealed with flexible mastic (PU foam, acrylic or similar) to prevent the fresh levelling compound from flowing between the mat and the soft strips which would cause sound bridges that are hard to find and repair afterwards.

Alternatively, the mat itself can be bent up the walls and fixed with tape during pumping. Cut the mat at the corners and tape the connection tight.

Lay out the weberfloor 4945 fibreglass mesh and overlap it by 50 mm. As a load distribution layer in order to keep the total height to a minimum, we recommend using the weberfloor 4310 (normal drying) or weberfloor 4320 (self drying) fibre-reinforced flexible cementitious screeds with a high polymer content.

The surface is smooth and strong and can be used for any conventional floor covering material. The recommended minimum thickness is 25 mm for residential use provided that the thin dB mat is laid on a firm load-bearing substrate, but it can be pumped up to a thickness of 50 mm.

The levelling compound is levelled by wobbling the fresh compound.

Packaging, Health & Safety


30 m² roll.

16 rolls per pallet, totally 480 m².


The rolls are stored in standing position, protected from direct sunlight and hot temperatures. The rolls on the pallet are protected by a transparent bag.