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weberfloor 4310 fibre flow pump-applied floor screed

weberfloor 4310 fibre flow is a pump-applied, fibre-modified floor screed formulated from special cements, aggregates, supplementary binders and chemical admixtures. It is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder designed for application at a thickness of between 5 – 50 mm. The product is casein-free.

weberfloor 4310 fibre flow is designed for the renovation of existing floors and floating floor construction in domestic and commercial applications. The levelled floor can be covered with ceramics, terrazzo, PVC, linoleum etc.

weberfloor DPM epoxy resin damp proof system

weberfloor DPM is a highly moisture tolerant, epoxy resin damp proof system, especially designed to bond to concrete surfaces even when the concrete is still drying out and containing a high degree of moisture.

weberfloor DPM is an effective moisture suppressant membrane for over sealing cementitious surfaces which contain high levels of residual moisture. New concrete or screed must be left for a minimum of 7 days before application of the membrane. Rough or uneven surfaces should be levelled before applying weberfloor DPM and this should be left a minimum of 24 hours to dry before applying the DPM. Power floated subfloors should be shot blasted before application of weberfloor DPM to assist adhesion.

weberfloor DPM permits early overlaying with vinyl, carpets and resin based products without the conventional ‘drying out’ period being observed for concrete bases.