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Book your RIBA approved CPD Presentation

The new RIBA approved 'Introduction into flowing floor screeds' CPD can be presented by Weber's Specification Team at your premises or at a Saint-Gobain facility or Technical Academy anywhere in the UK. This service is free of charge and available on request.

For more information about this CPD, to make a booking, or for technical support including award winning training courses, please contact Saint-Gobain Weber on 08703 330 070, Alternatively, bookings can be made by email: mail(at)

Introduction into Flowing Floor Screeds

This CPD is broken down into sections including information on:

· High performance flooring systems - why and where to use

· Design considerations

· Commercial floor attributes

· Demands on the floor that influence specification

· Quality control procedures 

· Floor renovation

· Fast-track construction

· Drying times

· Moisture consideration

· Traditional screeds requirements and uses 

· Cementitious screeds

· Acoustic Insulation - describing the cause of noises in buildings and acoustic flooring solutions