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Commercial Floor

Substrate preparation

weberfloor 4716

Depending on substrate:

  • Removal of old flooring materials
  • Improvement of defective substrates where applicable
  • Cleaning (blasting, grinding, suction cleaning)
  • Application of necessary joints in the case of merged structures
  • Application of height marks

The substrate must be cleaned with a broom, vacuum cleaned and subsequently primed with weberfloor 4716 (mixing ratio: 1:3 primer/ water).

Filling local cavities

  • Level out defective areas, such as holes and imperfections up to a depth of 50mm, with weberfloor 4040 combi rapid.
  • After approximately three hours, subsequent work may continue.


weberfloor 4945

If required, apply weberfloor 4945 glassfibre mesh to the existing substrate.

Weber´s glassfibre mesh is placed on top of the substrate or on top of the floating layer, for example, PE-foil, geotextile, sound insulation etc, with an overlap of at least 50mm. If used on a geotextile, the fibreglass mesh should be laid in the same direction as the geotextile in order to minimise the risk of the floor compound leaking through. When the glassfibre mesh is applied on sound insulation, it is recommended that both ends of the mesh be fastened to the insulation/substrate with hot-melt adhesive, for example.