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Insulating structural frames

A proven fast-track method of concrete or steel frame construction. Infill walls need to be provided and the structural frame kept warm and dry.


1. Corrosion

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The frame is structural and load bearing and steel, although of relatively thick section, vulnerable to corrosion if subjected for long periods to damp conditions.

Although the steelwork is not exposed in reinforced concrete frames, structures need to be protected to ensure long life.

2. Structural framework only provides a skeleton

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The structural frame is merely a skeleton and needs a facade.

Lightweight metal framing or single skin masonry can be used to provide walls, however the insulation issue needs to be addressed to comply with building regulations.

3. Heat loss through the frame structure

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The frame structure itself could provide a cold bridge to the exterior.

Insulation must be placed at the correct position in the structure to avoid interstitial condensation, cold bridging and the conditions under which corrosion could take place.


Construct in-fill panels and insulate with an EWI system

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Construct in-fill panels with lightweight steel frame or single skin masonry and insulate the total structure with a Weber EWI system. Use the webertherm FT components to provide extra levels of protection with a water defence cavity and robust detailing.

Solution with the following Weber products

Solution 1

webertherm FT - FrameTec System

An extruded aluminium spanning rail to provide a cavity when using External Wall Insulation with single skin or frame construction

webertherm XM - Multi Layer System

Our traditional multi-layer render system which incorporates an extensive range of versatile and attractive finishes.

webertherm XP - XPress System

Our unique XPress system incorporating a through-coloured render which can be applied by pump for speed and simplicity.

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