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Why wait when you can have webertherm XP?

2 11 2012

Saint-Gobain Weber has improved the seasonal application characteristics of webertherm M1 render used in their market leading webertherm XP External Wall Insulation (EWI) system.

In the construction industry, time is money so why wait unnecessarily on site when the improved webertherm XP, with innovative technology that allows the product to work in harmony with seasonal conditions, can save valuable time by minimising the installation schedule. This development allows contractors to scrape the render to a same day finish in the summer and achieve a next day finish in the winter, resulting in shorter programme periods, fewer on-site hours and allowing faster access to other trades. 

Saint-Gobain Weber have also taken the opportunity to improve the algae resistance of the product and make webertherm M1 even easier to apply by machine or hand. "We have worked with our applicators to maximise efficiency on site with stunning effects," says James Mead, Head of Product Management. "These innovative changes really do reiterate why webertherm XP is a market leading EWI system. The specifier, contractor or client, can confidently choose webertherm XP for use in new build and refurbishment schemes regardless of size, height or exposure. This is due to the system's exceptional thermal performance, impact resistance and wind-loading capabilities, and now the improved formulation means that less time is spent on site, especially during adverse weather conditions." 

webertherm XP's unique system uses a specially designed one-coat, through-colour mineral render which speeds up application and significantly reduces on-site labour and associated access costs. The new render formulation with innovative technology continues to improve this feature, reducing waiting time on site. While this high performance system is capable of improving thermal efficiency with U-values well below the 0.3W/m²K standard, contributing to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the system is responsible for substantial improvement in the aesthetics of Britain's aging housing stock. The system extends the life of existing buildings, especially so-called hard-to-treat properties, by keeping the old structure warm and stable. 

webertherm XP is a layered system which is quick and easy to install. The insulant is applied in the appropriate thickness to meet the specified U-value, which Saint-Gobain Weber's technical team will calculate for you. This is mechanically fixed to a sound substrate with high strength, thermal-break fixings and finished with webertherm M1 render, containing mesh-cloth reinforcement, in a variety of colours and textures. The webertherm XP EWI system is further supported by BBA Certification offering peace of mind to the architect, contractor and tenant. 

Saint-Gobain Weber offers a comprehensive package of Technical Support Services and can advise on the most appropriate webertherm EWI system for a project, provide U-value and condensation risk analysis, and offer a full Site Application Guide outlining every stage of the process, as well as on-site inspection. Saint-Gobain Weber can also recommend applicators from a nationwide register of trained installers. Both social and private landlords may be eligible for government funding support and Saint-Gobain Weber can assist in this process by helping with the administration associated with applying for and securing funding.