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Saint-Gobain Weber improves structural repair concrete

19 05 2015

High performance webercem spray DS by Saint-Gobain Weber has been improved with the addition of the innovative benefits of Low Dust Technology and 'Eco-Smart' cement replacement technology.

webercem spray DS ECO is a polymer-modified, structural repair concrete specially designed for fast and efficient dry process spray application.  It achieves high strength, low rebound and wastage, making an economical application where maximum application thickness is required.

Pre-bagged and ready to use, webercem spray DS ECO conforms to BS EN 1504-3 meeting the challenging requirements of a Class R4 repair product and is designed for remedial work and repairs to large areas of structural concrete.  Compliant with Highways Agency specifications it is fully suited to the repair of highway structures such as bridge columns, beams, abutments, tunnels and viaducts.  It can also be used on marine structures including piers, quays, seawalls and docks, as well as repairs to fire damaged concrete.  webercem spray DS ECO provides structural enhancement to mineshafts, structural encasement of steel sections and is suitable for rock and embankment stabilisation.

Applied directly into a hopper or dry process spraying machine water is added at the spraying nozzle, which is controlled by an experienced contractor, to achieve high-build.  Up to 150mm thickness can be applied in one pass on vertical and overhead faces to encapsulate existing steel reinforcement.

“Our new and improved formulation is now even safer to use and handle,” says Peter Temprell, sales and marketing director, Saint-Gobain Weber.  “The addition of our proven Low Dust Technology agent ensures very low dust emissions for complete operator comfort, while cement replacement technology has allowed this extensively used technical repair concrete to reduce environmental impact. It’s a Win/Win situation for the business and our customers.”

All treatable surfaces, including concrete and steel substrates, must be appropriately prepared prior to application.  Initial set can be achieved in 2 – 3 hours and is fully cured after a minimum of three days. webercem spray DS ECO achieves a compressive strength in excess of 45 MPa and adhesive bond in excess of 2.0 MPa when tested to BS EN 1504-3 requirements.