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NEW webermineral TF

20 04 2016

Through-coloured, even textured, decorative finish. Rapid drying thin coat cementitious finish which is rain resistant in 1 hour. Easy to mix and apply this new product is durable, resilient and weatherproof.

For use with multi-coat render systems including

webertherm XM and weberend MT

-  Rain resistant to prevent wash-off in 1 hour*

-  Excellent coverage

-  For use in temperatures between 1°C and 20°C

-  Easy to mix and apply

-  No need to paint over

-  Durable, resilient and weatherproof

-  Hand applied

-  Rapid drying, ideal for winter working

-  Suitable for EWI systems

*at 20°C


For more information on webermineral TF

Download the flyer here