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Concrete Repair and Protection by Saint-Gobain Weber

15 04 2014

Saint-Gobain Weber is a leading player in the technical mortars industry. The natural synergy between these diverse product sectors is to provide integrated solutions for a wide range of projects from building renovation and refurbishment to new building developments and major civil engineering.

In the concrete repair and protection sector products by Saint-Gobain Weber play an important role especially now that it is recognised that without correct design, mixing, placement and curing, the durability of reinforced concrete may be impaired. Weber's products have been specified for over three decades in the repair of concrete structures.

Concrete can be affected by causes that are physical, mechanical or chemical in nature. Typical physical effects are leaking water or frost attack due to porous concrete and plastic shrinkage cracking due to poor curing; mechanical causes occur due to overloading of the structure, or impact damage, while chemical defects include corrosion of steel, acid rain and the action of chemicals.

Weber offers a wide portfolio of products designed to facilitate repair in most circumstances ranging from handplaced materials for localised non-structural repairs, to flowable or spray solutions for mass structural replacement. Products in the range of ready-to-use, polymer modified dry mix sprayed concretes include webercem spray DS, webercem spray RS, webercem spray CP and webercem conspray. They are designed to be machine applied by specialist contractors to provide dense, fully compacted, homogenous, long-lasting repairs and protective overlays.

webercem spray concretes will restore the structural integrity, durability, appearance and fitness for purpose of a wide range of structures. Benefits include rapid strength gain, high resistance to chloride ion diffusion and carbon dioxide and low permeability to water. These products can be used with additional reinforcement to strengthen and refurbish old structures. webercem spray concretes comply with Highways Agency specifications for repairs to highway structures and provide an economical solution where large areas are involved, providing high strengths with good early strength development.

Your guide to webercem spray concretes

webercem spray DS is a pre-bagged, ready-to-use, polymer-modified, cement-based structural concrete. It contains graded inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants. The formulation has been designed especially for dry process spray application to give high strength and low rebound, minimising wastage. Conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 has confirmed that webercem spray DS meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product.

webercem spray RS.  This polymer-modified, dry-sprayed, rapid-setting concrete is ideal for permanent concrete repairs where time constraints demand early strength gain. The material contains inert limestone aggregates, dust suppressants and accelerators. The formulation is designed for the dry spray process method of application with reduced rebound. Conformity testing to BE EN 1504-3 has confirmed that webercem spray RS meets the requirements for a Class R4 fast-setting repair product.

webercem spray CP. This is a cement-based concrete mix and contains inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants. It has been designed especially for dry process spray application to give high early strength, reduce rebound and maximise application thickness. It has low resistivity which makes it suitable for application to structures which receive cathodic protection. Conformity testing confirms that webercem spray CP meets the requirements for a Class R4 low resistivity repair product.

webercem conspray is a cement-based concrete mix which contains inert graded aggregates and dust suppressants. It has been designed for dry process spray application to give rapid throughput, reduced rebound and to maximise application thickness.

Saint-Gobain Weber prides itself on providing the complete solution which includes market-leading products, service excellence, technical support and training. Based on strong knowledge and experience of the market, the Weber training programmes meet the needs of its customers. Weber provides specifiers, developers and contractors with substantial technical support, both before, during and after contract periods. Training courses can also be delivered with bespoke content at any one of Saint-Gobain's Technical Academies of which there are six locations around the UK and Ireland.