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Visual comfort comes from the aesthetic pleasure offered by a building whose interior and exterior are in harmony in terms of materials, colours and appearance.

Aesthetic comfort issues

The challenge is to reconcile beautiful finishes such as varied external wall colours and innovative, on-trend interior decoration with the home’s technical performance – its thermal behaviour and the performance of high-quality, hard wearing materials. External wall coverings need not only to look good and offer wide choices of colours. They also need to perform.

Visiocare for aesthetics

Weber has developed innovative solutions which bring new design or aesthetic elements to external facades, tile grouts and more. Such innovation brings clear visual differentiation compared with traditional offers.

An extensive colour chart for strong topcoat renders

Choosing a colour for your external wall is now more about selecting a product than simply a paint. That product must offer guaranteed longevity and resistance to wear and tear, damp, UV and harsh temperature changes. Weber offers its expertise to create products which meet those performance standards on a wide-ranging colour chart, including the darkest shades.

Release your creativity using a full range of finishes and detailing

A range of mineral renders allows various details and finishes to be replicated including ashlars, quoins, spray and scraped texture, dry dash and brick effect finishes.  Bricks can be replicated using authentic brick slips or a combination of two coloured renders to create a cost-effective alternative to bricks.  

Offering on-trend decorating solutions

Unfinished materials have been the in thing in deco for 10 years now. Ever since, concrete has been in demand because of its simultaneously stone-like and natural appearance.  Polished concrete floors are the on-trend flooring.

Tile grouts for the working home

Coloured tile grout is essential for taking control of bathroom and kitchen decor, right down to the smallest detail. Our ranges have been expanded to offer varied and contrasting colours. While the aesthetic issue is necessary, the technical performance of grout designed for bathrooms, showers or kitchen splashbacks is essential. Tile grout must be hard-wearing and suitable for use in narrow joints for pointing of ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, marble, natural stone and glass tiles.