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Most of us spend the majority of our lives indoors – at home, work, school, shopping centres, leisure facilities and more. So it makes sense to choose construction materials that protect our wellbeing.        

Comfort is probably the most important factor in our health and well-being. An interior which makes its occupants feel as comfortable as possible is a healthy, actively beneficial environment.

Comfort is a state of well-being that derives from the material conditions of an environment: the way it is designed, built, decorated and furnished. The intelligent choice of materials and the way those materials are used is a major factor in determining the quality of an interior, and thus the level of comfort enjoyed by its inhabitants.

There are four key elements which contribute to general comfort. Together, they amount to goals building materials must achieve:

The importance of materials

The comfort level of an interior is closely linked to its performance in terms of thermal comfort, appearance, noise levels and indoor air quality. Every component material must be chosen with this performance in mind.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the purposes of the various materials and products used to build a home:

  • Preparing and finishing floors (self-levelling compounds and smoothing mortars, screeds, coatings)
  • Tiling (adhesives, under-tile systems, grouts, etc.)
  • External wall construction and renovation (renders, paints and top coat renders, waterproofing solutions, etc.)
  • External wall insulation
  • Construction (everyday mortars and concretes; products for sealing, repairing, protecting, etc.)

All of these materials are critically important for making a home comfortable inside. It is easy to change the paint on a wall, the layout of the furniture or even your home automations. But it is much more complicated (and thus expensive) to change your tile adhesive, the material inside your partition walls or the mortar in your external walls.

Choosing the right materials and products is crucial for the well-being both of ourselves and of our nearest and dearest. This single fact should be borne in mind for all construction and renovation projects.

Weber is a leading brand committed to the well-being of everyone who uses its products and who occupies buildings constructed from them.

That commitment is the guarantee that all our products are designed with the material conditions of a comfortable home in mind.